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Planning a dream holiday and safari to Africa can be daunting - Africa is exotic and different and it is important to know that all aspects of your holiday will run smoothly at all times, that there will be no dramas and that all of your expectations will be met. We believe the only way to guarantee that you have a holiday that is both perfectly suited to your tastes & budget and hassle-free throughout, is to use the services of a specialist Africa tour operator like Pembury Tours.

We do not pretend that Pembury Tours is the only specialist Africa tour operator that offers great prices combined with world class professionalism. There are others out there doing what we do - and competition is good.

We have to make the point, however, that Pembury relies exclusively on it's past clients for referrals and future business. We do not embark on glitsy marketing campaigns to lure customers in - we take the long-term view at all times and create holidays and itineraries for our clients that are 100% based on what is in their best interest.

This reliance on word-of-mouth referrals from past clients, we believe, is one of the major differentiating factors between Pembury and others.

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